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How can emergency managers and other emergency planners include all children, including those with access and functional needs, chronic conditions, and temporary illnesses, in emergency planning?

What emergency planning tools are available for families and organizations that provide care for the children?

What should parents do to prepare to respond and recover when a hurricane, wildfire, or other disaster strikes?

Emergency Preparedness For All Children is a toolkit that provides child-centered planning and response tools for use by:

- families
- emergency managers
- shelter workers
- organizations that provide care for children

The toolkit supports planning for sheltering-in-place, evacuating, and staying in a general shelter.

Use of these tools can help ensure that the children and the people who care for them will be included in whole community planning policies and processes. The Inclusive Preparedness Center developed these guidance documents and tools to support state and local community emergency planning for children.

To support all children and their families, the following planning tools are available:

Family Disaster Readiness Planner
Instructions on how to use this Planner
Practical Planning for Family Support Organizations
Shelter Worker Guide to Support All Children
Family Guide to Shelters