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Inclusion Research Institute (IRI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated in the District of Columbia.  The primary mission of IRI is to research, develop and disseminate innovations that enable persons of all ages, including individuals with disabilities or other disadvantages, to be independent, productive and included in schools, communities, and places of employment.  In pursuit of this mission, IRI engages in these core activities:

  1. Support Federal, State and local agencies and non-governmental organizations in fields of employment, education, emergency preparedness, voting access, senior services, workforce development, and other areas to improve their services to clients and to enhance their own viability and effectiveness.

  2. Conduct research, either alone or in collaboration, on critical problems in many areas, including healthcare access, workforce development, transportation, voting, and emergency preparedness.

  3. Provide evaluation of programs designed to deliver services to people with disabilities or other specified populations (such as domestic abuse victims, K-12 students, and users of HUD services).

  4. Through the Inclusive Preparedness Center (IPC), focus on the full inclusion of all people in disaster readiness, response, and recovery planning and practices.  IPC works with Federal and State agencies, private providers of services, advocacy organizations, emergency response and planning agencies, and other groups committed to improving the disaster readiness of people with access and functional needs.

  5. Advance innovative policies and programs based on the latest research, best practices, and our own experience.

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